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Osteopathy trauma can be treated without the need of Acupuncture.


However, before the first session of acupuncture it can be recommended to first do a session of Osteopathy because the meridians are close to the joints and any blockage can cause an energy barrier .


My experience as an osteopath allows me to use all the techniques that exist in this area:

Soft techniques, Myotensives and even structural!


It is very easy for me to adapt myself to the patient habits if they prefer one method better than another one.



Is a whole part of Chinese Medicine. This is only a tool used for treating problems of patients. But it is very possible to do Chinese Medicine without using a needle!

It is primarily a way of thinking and regulate energy !


So if you have a fear of needles do not worry it is possible to treat you without having to use this tool!


Above all, it is important to prevent problems. Which means; that if you have symptoms , it is important to come so that we find the problem.



The Chinese Medicine does not replace the Allopathic Medicine , but it is very complementary as it allows by the symptoms and the Energetic checkup to diagnose visceral or organic problems.


This is we say that Chinese Medicine helps to be in good health !


Rates :

Osteopathy treatment                                                                                                                              70 €

Osteopathy + Acupuncture treatment                                                                                                 100 €

Chinese medicine consultation with or without acupuncture                                                           70 €

Personalized study of your year, month, day and time of birth                                                      100 € 

with Chrono Acupuncture treatment

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