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Take care  of your body  ou HEAL YOUR BODY with alternative medicine .


Osteopathy is a manual therapy that started in the 19th century in the United States, his founder Dr. Andrew Taylor STILL , emphasized : the importance of preventive medicine, eating healthy and stay in shape : "When all the body parts are in good condition, we are healthy. When they are not, it's the disease. The job of the osteopath is to restore a normal situation in the body from an abnormal situation; it will result health. "


The body is a complex mechanism which undergoes disorders over time, with life trauma...sports injuries, postural habits, repetitive professional gestures, birth trauma for the mother or the child, stress, etc ... Gradually, some joints lose their original mobility, osteopathy works by restoring the lost mobility . Osteopathy considers the individual as a whole, based on a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology .

The best results are obtained for "functional" problems, meaning the pain from which we do not find the cause, but which interfere sometimes for very long time in patients' lives. The pains are directly related to the musculoskeletal system :spinal pain, rib pain, joint pain, tendonitis, muscle pain and trauma. Headache, cephalgia, migraine and dizziness can respond positively to the osteopathic treatment. Some digestive disorders or gynecological must be mentioned the practitioner, to check if nothing obstructs visceral or organic functioning.

Health is total freedom of all our tissues. Any mobility restriction of one of them causes a pathology. Osteopathy is the art of restoring tissue freedom when there is restriction of mobility.


The Chinese Energy is the Art of understanding why these tissues have lost their freedom, when and how they can be released.

THE 5 MAJOR CAUSES (except genetics and by frequency and importance order):

• Emotional (emotional shock and trauma, stress, burn out... )

• Toxic

• Nutrition

• Physical injuries (falls, accident ...)

• Habitat



It is the use of all the knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine applied to Osteopathy and its vision of " Total Damage ".

The evaluation of a patient condition require to acknowledge all parameters of his life, with his family history, his gestation, his birth and all events of his life based on five major causes:


Emotional / Toxic / Nutritional / Traumatic /Habitat,  everything from conception .

But we must also consider when  is the appointment :


Season / Climate / Environment ... and most of all, the famous question : " What has happened before the symptoms occurred", related to the five major causes


Article by : Bruno Ferdinand


D.O Osteopath and Acupuncturist in Chinese Traditional Medicine

2 Res. TI BO - Parc de la Baie Orientale - 97150 Saint- Martin

Phone: +590 590 27 22 65 - Cell . : +590 690 38 99 51


Osteopathy , Chinese medicine , a whole medicine
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